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Hello there person stalking my tumblr. 私の名前はジェイです! (My name is Jaye)(20)
And I hope you enjoy this blog of mine, if not... well.. fuck you. Just kidding! (maybe).


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God I fucking loved this scene!!! Also this entire saga!


Dio and Skeletor’s Bizarre Adventure

I’m sorry.

Stacy: “Our relationship is like an addiction. It’s— like—”
House: “Really good drugs?”
Stacy: “No, it’s like— vindaloo curry.”
House: “Ok, sure—”
Stacy: “Really, really hot Indian curry they make with red chilli peppers.”
House: “I know what it is! Didn’t think it was addictive.”
Stacy: “You’re abrasive and annoying and come on way too strong, like… vindaloo curry. When you’re crazy about curry, that’s fine but no matter how much you love curry, you have too much of it, it takes the roof of your mouth off. And then you never want to see curry for a really, really long time but you wake up one day and you think… god I really miss curry.”

Hmm… I haven’t posted on here in a while.

28. July 2014

It bothers me about how some of my friends say “you don’t need anyone” while the go to their girlfriends/boyfriends. You don’t necessarily need someone but you can’t deny that you want someone close to the point of needing someone. We’re human beings, we’re social by nature, it’s etched in our DNA. To think otherwise is just stupid, you’re denying human nature.